Following approval from the IECRE, LR can now certify windfarm projects in accordance with the IECRE scheme.

LR has been approved by IECRE to become a recognised Renewable Energy Certification Body (RECB) for project certification, enabling LR to certify windfarm projects in accordance with the IECRE scheme, the Operation Document IECRE OD-502 and its associated requirements.

IECRE is the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications, which aims to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in renewable energy sectors while maintaining the required level of safety.

To be appointed as an IECRE Renewable Energy Certification Body, LR successfully completed an extensive peer assessment process in line with the IECRE Rules of Procedures.

The specific entity that has received IECRE accreditation is Lloyd’s Register Verification Limited.

Mark Darley, LR Marine & Offshore Director, commented: “Lloyd’s Register’s new status as a recognised IECRE Renewable Energy Certification Body is a testament to our strong capabilities in project certification and our commitment to safety in the renewable energy market. We look forward to working with more clients in the future, certifying projects in line with the IECRE scheme.”

“Given the expected rapid expansion of offshore wind developments, we anticipate the IECRE system will be widely adopted by the industry and become increasingly important in providing the assurance required by project stakeholders, which LR can provide, while ensuring this process adds value to projects,” Darley concluded.

“IEC develops technical standards through its Standards Management Board (SMB) and administers four conformity assessment systems under the Conformity Assessment Board’s (CAB) responsibility. The IECRE, as one of these four systems, is pleased to have Lloyd’s Register as a Renewable Energy Certification Body (RECB) registered within the wind sector of the IECRE Renewable Energy System”, said a spokesperson from IECRE.



IECRE is the global renewable energy conformity assessment system. The System addresses technology in three separate sector schemes: solar PV, marine and wind energy sectors at a component, device or system type, and at the large utility project scale. It offers independent third-party evaluation that those devices and projects meet internationally agreed technical requirements and comply with technical standards. Device performance (power, acoustic, efficiency, etc.) is undertaken by IECRE approved test laboratories, while design, manufacture and installation are carried out by IECRE approved certification and inspection bodies.