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Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded Design Approval to HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE) and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HD HHI) for their novel ‘FORE-accommodation’ LNG Carrier (LNGC), designed to transport Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) with the capability to accommodate a number of alternative fuels.  

The vessel design features additional space for the installation of future fuel capabilities and eco-friendly equipment such as Wind Assisted Propulsion Systems (WAPS), Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage Systems (OCCS) and fuel cells. The fore accommodation LNGC has an improved propulsion efficiency compared to conventional LNGCs due to a reduced wind resistance by applying low & streamlined accommodation.  

The design approval follows a Joint Development Project (JDP) to develop an energy efficient carrier capable of running on the alternative fuels of the future with eco-friendly equipment between SK Shipping, LR, HD KSOE, HD HHI and the Marshall Islands Flag.  

LR provided qualified advisory services as part of the design approval process, based on detailed in-depth discussions during the project, whilst a HAZID workshop was carried out at HHI GRC(Global R&D Centre) with the Marshall Islands Flag to identify potential hazards in the early parts of the design phase.  

Andy McKeran, Chief Commercial Officer, Lloyd’s Register said: “LR is pleased to award Design Approval to HD HHI and HD KSOE for their ‘FORE-accommodation’ LNG Carrier. The transportation of LNG remains a crucial part of the maritime industry’s energy transition and the global fleet urgently needs energy efficient vessels to meet this demand whilst complying with increasing environmental regulations. 

“Working together with our JDP partners, including the Marshall Islands Flag, has shown the importance of collaboration for the design of future fuel capable vessels to meet the industry’s decarbonisation ambitions.”    

Seung-Ho Jeon, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of HD HHI said: “As environmental regulations continue to strengthen, it is anticipated that the adoption of alternative fuels and eco-friendly equipment will significantly expand in the future. In consideration of this trend, we have broken away from conventional confines and developed the innovative design of large-scale LNG carrier for the next-generation, which offers full visibility and a spacious deck area. It is expected that this novel design would be able to assist to free our clients in applying green technologies with greater flexibility. And we look forward to continue leading the LNG carrier market with this fore-accommodation large-scale LNG carrier.” 

Tom Blenk, Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs of the Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator, said: “As the world’s leading flag State, it is important to ensure that internationally recognized safety and environmental standards are being maintained while these innovative emission reduction technologies are being developed. Partnering with LR, SK, HD HHI, and HD KSOE for this joint development project will help LNGC owners and operators explore new options for sustainable shipping while meeting international regulatory requirements.” 

Harol Son, Head of Technical Innovation Office of SK Shipping said: "Strengthening GHG regulations also requires changes in conventional LNG carriers that use LNG fuel. From the perspective of LNG carrier operators, pre-emptive preparation and preparation for these changes may be necessary, and this JDP is significant in this respect. The Fore-accommodation concept may require a different approach from the existing conventional LNG carrier in terms of ship operation, and it is an honor to share and collaborate with the past 30 years of LNG Operation experience through this JDP participation. As a shipping company specializing in LNGC operation, we hope to actively participate in the development of new technologies for improving ship energy efficiency or safer navigation in the future."