Variety of LNG carriers and LNG-fuelled ships will benefit from the Swiss - Norwegian company’s methane abatement technology.

Lloyd’s Register has granted Approval in Principle (AiP) to Daphne Technology (DT) for its methane abatement technology SlipPure™.

The SlipPure™ technology will reduce emissions for LNG-fuelled engines, which can suffer from methane slip, a process that causes unburnt methane to leak, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions and increased ground-level ozone. Even though methane slip has been significantly reduced in modern engines, it remains a major risk in operating LNG fuelled vessels.

DT’s development will benefit a variety of LNG carriers and LNG fuelled ships facing an imminent threat once methane is integrated into the GHG regulatory regime.

LR’s awarding of the AiP will enable the technology to proceed to pilot applications, and further development to full commercialisation, reaffirming LR’s commitment to supporting our partners in de-risking their operations whilst addressing some of the maritime industry’s key challenges.

Panos Mitrou, Global Gas Segment Director, Lloyd’s Register, said: LR is proud to award Approval in Principle to Daphne Technology for their new SlipPure™ technology, a significant milestone in methane abatement technology development. Methane emissions constitute a key risk to the Gas sector and its shipping supply chain. Mitigating this remains essential to climate alignment and longevity of many LNG Carriers and LNG fuelled ships. Retrofits, of this technology in ships, in the future, would allow them to benefit from the full potential of GHG savings of LNG.

Mario Michan CEO, Daphne Technology, said: This is an important milestone for Daphne Technology. The Approval in Principle from LR demonstrates that our technology meets International Safety Standards and Regulations, bringing us a step closer to deploying and commercialising our SlipPure™ system. We believe our technology can help address the climate challenge in the maritime and other hard-to-decarbonise industries.

The AiP was granted on 8 June 2022 in a ceremony at LR’s stand at the Posidonia exhibition in Athens, Greece.