Lloyd’s Register has awarded Approval in Principle (AiP) to China Shipping Development Company (CSDC) for a 210,000 DWT bulk carrier with Carbon Capture System (CCS). The vessel represents a new generation of environmentally friendly bulk carrier design, jointly developed by CSDC, Sinotech Energy and LR. The design maximises performance for reduced emissions and employs carbon capture technology, with CO2 being stored in two 2,000 cbm liquid CO2 storage tanks.  

The ship has been designed with a maximum load of 70% and a potential carbon capture rate of 100%, depending on the ship's route and emission reduction requirements. The onboard CCS process will involve capturing CO2 emissions from the vessel's exhaust using an amine solution, which absorbs the CO2; the solution is then regenerated to release the captured CO2 for compression, storage, and subsequent utilisation or disposal. 

Andy McKeran, Lloyd’s Register Chief Commercial Officer, said:  “This Approval in Principle, incorporating carbon capture on a very large bulk carrier, brings the bulker sector one step closer to net-zero emission operations. We are very proud to collaborate with CSDC on this forward-looking design, showing LR’s commitment to bringing innovation into practice”. 

Li Dongpeng, Vice General Manager, CSDC, said: “Carbon capture technology is among the most reliable methods for achieving decarbonisation in shipping. This successful project demonstrates that the 210,000-ton bulk carrier designed by CSDC in collaboration with LR can seamlessly integrate carbon capture technology and alternative fuel solutions. This will provide customers with more flexible and valuable ship design options.” 

Gao Yunpeng, General Manager, Sinotech Energy said: “This Approval in Principle, incorporating advanced carbon capture technology for a very large bulk carrier, marks a significant milestone towards achieving net-zero emissions in the bulker sector. At Sinotech Energy, we are proud to collaborate with CSDC and LR on this groundbreaking project. This achievement underscores our commitment to pioneering innovative solutions and driving sustainable practices in the maritime industry.