ATG describes the team providing ever-expanding technology leadership capabilities, multidisciplinary consulting services, the development of engineering analysis software and specialised contract research services in Canada and globally.

The Lloyd’s Register Applied Technology Group is a team of fifty people in two locations in Canada, - Halifax, Nova Scotia and Ottawa, Ontario. Colin Clark, the General Manager of Lloyd’s Register’s Applied Technology Group (ATG) describes its role as innovating and applying real world solutions in six key technology areas where the ATG’s specialised expertise sets it apart: 

  • Public Safety: The development and application of explosive modelling and structural response analysis to protect soldiers, civilians and critical assets. 

  • Survivability: Supporting the safe and effective operations of complex integrated marine assets throughout their operational profile. 

  • Life Cycle Management: Starting at concept design through to ship recycling, LR’s ATG provides in-depth analysis of major assets through life. 

  • Polar Technologies:  Solutions that provide clients with sound engineering expertise in designing and operating assets that perform in harsh, cold environments and that meet evolving regulatory frameworks. 

  • Advanced Tools:   Developing and supporting customised tools that are applied to create technology solutions. 

  • Emerging Technologies:  Analysis that provides insight into understanding complex phenomena in industries such as renewable energy and autonomous underwater vehicles. 

With over 40 years of delivering advanced engineering solutions, Martec is well-known amongst our clients, with a particularly strong relationship with the Government of Canada. Centring the Applied Technology Group around Martec permits an extension of those capabilities and represents its full integration within the LR Group, working with Global Technology Centres (GTC’s), consulting groups, and the different business streams to help meet internal and client challenges.  Colin Clark: “As the Applied Technology Group within Lloyd’s Register, we will play a key role in contributing to technology thought leadership both here in Canada and across Lloyd’s Register’s global activities. Establishing the Lloyd’s Register Applied Technology Group better describes our expert capabilities to existing Martec clients and across the wider world of LR."

"The full range of our services developed while trading as Martec - including high and slow speed computational fluid dynamics, acoustic signatures, software development, risk assessment and structural analysis - is provided by a group of people applying technology. The Applied Technology Group description sits alongside Lloyd’s Register’s Global Technology Centres in Southampton and Singapore as well as consulting capability across the organisation. With our focus on the practical application of technology, we are able to work with Lloyd’s Register technology experts world-wide to innovate and develop new technologies and then to apply those techniques for real world solutions."