LR to develop Classification Rules for innovative ‘I-Dolphin’ design

China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) has signed a Joint Industry Project with Lloyd’s Register Asia to design the next level of cyber ship. The 38,800 dwt smart ship project utilises new technology and applications to create new cyber benefits and dynamics.

The smart ship will apply up-to-date information technology, including real-time data transmission and collection, large-capacity calculations, digital modelling and remote control. All of this is designed into the ship to better guarantee navigational safety and improve operational efficiency of the vessel.

LR's existing Rules already address certain aspects of system engineering, including provisions for embedded software, networks, and integration with other aspects of the ship's hardware where part of the systems or features are essential for safe operation. Relevant sections from the Rules are also being drawn together into a Guidance Note that will help clients appreciate how existing requirements support the smart ship concept, and how LR can immediately help bring this to reality.

By working together with CSSC and other I-Dolphin project partners, LR will look to develop the rule content, to understand what is the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly route to take in the design, operation, survey and maintenance of smart ships.

The ship will be dual-classed by LR and China Classification Society (CCS), with LR taking the Lead Class for the ship.

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