De Haas Maassluis - Interceptor DHM1050 is certified against LR’s Grey Boat Code.

The Interceptor DHM1050a 10.45-metre one of a kind fast patrol boat, built by De Haas Maassluis B.V., has been awarded with LR Grey Boat Code (GBC)* certificate. This is the first boat to receive this certification outside of the United Kingdom and will be used as a demonstrator boat and innovation platform to showcase De Haas Maassluis design and workmanship to navies, coastguards and police forces around the world. 

With a length of 10.45m and three outboard engines of 200hp each, the Interceptor DHM1050 has a speed of more than 54 knots. Classified by LR as a ‘Category 2’ boat, with a relatively large area of operation out to sea and up to 60 miles from a safe haven, the Interceptor DHM1050 is well suited for offshore and inshore operations. The GBC certificate confirms that this boat, designed and built by De Haas Maassluis, is suitable for onerous naval or para-military operations.  

LR published the Grey Boat Code in 2019, the first of its kind for craft under 24-metres in length that operate in government service - typically navies, coast guards and police forces. The Code introduces a meaningful safety regime, setting standards of safety and protection for all persons on board these boat types, many of which are required to operate in hazardous environments and / or under unique conditions.  

The GBC has proved to be a great standard for our new DHM Interceptor series by offering a high standard with maximum flexibility to accommodate owner requirements on both technical and operational (mission) level. The corporation with the LR team during the certification process was of a very high quality and has created a strong basis for future projects” a spokesperson for De Haas Maassluis said.  

We’re delighted to see that the Grey Boat Code is being successfully adopted in countries around the world, particularly in the Netherlands with the De Haas Maassluis Interceptor DHM1050. We continue to support the naval and broader governmental community with tailored solutions that provide our clients with functional and safety assurance where there are no appropriate statutory standards, LR’s Global Naval Business Director, David Lloyd commented. 

LR’s Grey Boat Code 

The Code sets guidelines and provides standards, supported by an independent third-party inspection regime, to ensure the safety of boats in their defined roles without unduly compromising mission or operational capability. Using the Code, LR also offers a managed service to clients, such as tracking assets, arranging surveys with asset holders, managing deficiencies and providing certification status metrics to Regulators – a service in which LR has undertaken for over a decade in the UK. 

LR developed the Code based on years of experience with the UK Ministry of Defence on many different types of small craft.