Charter demonstrates LR’s commitment for a more inclusive working environment in Greece and beyond.

Lloyd’s Register Greece has signed the Greek Diversity Charter, which lays the foundations for the promotion of social inclusion and equal opportunities in companies and organisations in the country.

By signing the Charter at a ceremony held at the offices of KEAN-Cell of Alternative Youth Activities, LR hopes to endorse diversity and a sense of wellbeing across its organisation, incorporating into its daily operations practices of efficient inclusion of diverse employees with multifaceted benefits.

The Diversity Charter, an initiative of the European Commission for the Promotion of Diversity in Business, was established in Greece in 2019. Its goal is to act as a means of commitment to the implementation of equal opportunities and diversity in every work environment in the region. The country became the 23rd country to sign the Charter and the Diversity Charter in Greece is operated by KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth Activities. 

Theodosis Stamatellos, South Europe Marine & Offshore Regional Manager at Lloyd’s Register stated: “We are very proud and excited in joining the Greek Diversity Charter, putting our “together we are one LR” mission into practice. Embracing the uniqueness of our people and celebrating the sense of belonging is the key pathway towards the sustainable development of our company and industry”.

Rebecca Berry, Director of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, concluded: “Lloyd’s Register aims to be a beacon of diversity and inclusion in our industry where all our colleagues feel seen, heard and valued, and we’re delighted to be part of this important and progressive charter”.

President of KEAN and Founder of Diversity Charter Greece, Stavros Milionis, said: "Lloyd's Register, one of the oldest and most trusted maritime advisors, with active and effective action in the field of safety and education internationally, is now a member of the Diversity Charter Greece. We are confident that their participation in the Charter will be the starting point for joint planning and implementation of actions, aimed at highlighting and accepting diversity, and shaping a healthy social environment".