New appointment to accelerate the uptake of zero-carbon fuels in international shipping.

LR's global sustainability manager, Katharine Palmer (pictured below) has been appointed as the United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC) High-Level Climate Champion’s (HLCC) Shipping Lead to support the shipping industry’s drive to decarbonisation.

Portrait photo of Katharine Palmer with her standing in front of a stone wall.

As the HLCC’s Shipping Lead, Katharine’s main focus will be to mobilise industry commitment and action needed to achieve 5% zero-carbon fuels in international shipping by 2030, as outlined in the UNFCCC Climate Action Pathway. Through utilising networks and building collaboration, Katharine will also drive break-through industrial scale first mover demonstration projects. 

Katharine has been seconded to the HLCC team through the LR Maritime Decarbonisation Hub (MDH) - a joint initiative between LR Group and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, created to help the maritime industry design, develop and commercialise safe pathways to future fuels required for decarbonisation. 

Katharine has more than 20 years’ experience in the shipping industry and is a recognised industry sustainability expert and established thought leader in relation to climate change, decarbonisation and the energy transition in the maritime sector. 

Katharine takes over from MTR Nordic Group, Peder Osterkamp, the outgoing Shipping Lead for the Climate Champion’s team. 

Katharine Palmer, LR’s global sustainability manager and newly appointed HLCC Shipping Lead, said: “There is a growing coalition of private sector action across the maritime value chain – making commitments and taking bold steps to innovate and demonstrate routes to scale in this decade of action to make zero-emission vessels commercially viable, safe and sustainable by 2030, setting shipping on course for zero by 2050.   

“This is a really exciting time to be part of the Race to Zero and support mobilising commitment and action across stakeholders, geographies and shipping sectors to make the tipping point of 5% zero-carbon fuels in international shipping a reality. Shipping is integral to decarbonising global supply chains and by putting shipping centre stage at COP26 and showcase private sector action we can be a catalyst for decarbonising supply chains around the globe. I look forward to engaging with networks and organisations across the world to make this a reality.” 

Ruth Boumphrey, Director of Strategic Programmes at Lloyd’s Register Foundation said: “Katharine is a recognised global leader pushing forward the shipping sector’s ambitions to decarbonise, whilst keeping global supply chains safe and resilient. The High Level Climate Champion’s team is bringing forward commitments across civil society to our shared climate goals. We are proud to support both the HLCC and Katharine as they move the shipping sector towards safe decarbonisation as part of COP26 and beyond.”    

About UN High Level Climate Champions 

The UN High Level Champions for Climate Action from Chile and UK - Gonzalo Munoz and Nigel Topping - build on the legacy of their predecessors to engage with non-state actors and activate the 'ambition loop' with national governments. Their work is fundamentally designed to encourage a collaborative shift across all of society towards a decarbonised economy so that we can all thrive in a healthy, resilient, zero carbon world. 

Gonzalo and Nigel have convened a team to help them deliver on this work through flagship campaigns, targeted stakeholder engagement and leadership in systems transformation. 

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