LR has taken over the management of UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) owned Code for Steel Caissons, providing a harmonised standard for new and existing caissons.

LR has been certifying caissons for the MoD for many years. Principally certification has been based on LR endorsing design, scantlings and build quality against the LR Rules and survey requirements along with the 1997 MoD ‘Code for Steel Caissons’.

Following the recent announcement that the MoD no longer wish to own and manage the Code, the MoD asked LR look at how it could be incorporated into their Rules product. Consequently, LR have been looking at the most effective way of building a flexible and robust product to offer caissons classification for the future, incorporating the tenets of the code as well as LR’s expansive expertise and service experience with this technology.

Through the introduction of caisson classification into LR’s fully supported product portfolio, LR will be able to offer a flexible and tailored goal-based classification solution to caisson designs and support them throughout life. LR will continue to develop and refine its approach to classing caissons, endorsing those structures built in line with the Code and surveyed to be of appropriate build and material quality.

LR has recently completed the certification of the newbuild D/16 Caisson situated in Devonport and the Naval Base 14 Dock in Portsmouth in compliance with the Code.

Peter Stacey, representative for the Ministry of Defence said: “After managing the MoD Code for Steel Caissons since the outset in 1997 it is now recognised by MoD (UK) and key stakeholders the sense of the document is better included within Lloyd’s Register’s Rules. This will enable the key elements of the Code to be incorporated into a new Caisson element of the LR Rules with the more general processes (e.g. welding) to be cross referenced against existing LR Rules. Considerable discussion has taken place between LR and MoD to ensure the sense of the Code is not lost in the transfer." 

LR’s Paul Verharen, Senior Client Relations Manager, Marine & Offshore, commented: “LR’s approach in the newbuild caissons has been in line with our clients’ expectations, both the Rules and the Code have been used to certify the caissons based on a tailored certification matrix. With the merge of the code into our existing Rules, the assurances required by both the customer and build contractor can be verified by LR.”

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LR certified caisson at the entrance to Naval Base 14 Dock in Portsmouth (Image courtesy of MoD)