LR has recently signed a contract with DeepFlight to provide certification services for their personal submarines in accordance with our Rules for the Construction and Classification of Submersibles and Diving Systems.

Personal submarine in operation under water with crew member visible in window

Submersibles have been used for scientific research for decades. However conventional submersibles are so large, heavy and complex to operate that only a handful of research institutions own them.

Recently, DeepFlight has pioneered submarines that are lighter, smaller and so intuitive to use that private individuals now own and operate their personal submarines from yacht or shore bases.

DeepFlight has completely re-designed the concept of a personal submarine for underwater adventure and exploration through its innovative use of composite materials, and by applying the dynamics of underwater flight. Their submarines are lighter and aster with a longer range than others on the market, and they also offer the extraordinary experience of underwater flight.

Front view of personal submarine in operation surfacing from the water with crew member visible in windowThe company has also optimised its submarines for resort operations, and has a submarine in constant tourism operation at Laucala Island Resort in Fiji (pictured), with more locations to come.

Adam Wright, CEO of DeepFlight said: "We are delighted to be working with Lloyd's Register to class our DeepFlight submarines. This partnership validates our efforts to join the automobile, aviation and other industries, in using composite materials to make safer craft. We see our work with LR as a great leap forward in allowing us to innovate submarines to open the oceans for personal exploration."