A pair of Elcano-owned 178,000m³ LNG carriers, which will be built to LR class, will be two of the largest of their kind to navigate the Panama Canal – helping to revolutionise the global trade in LNG.

The ships are powered by low-speed, dual-fuel gas injection diesel engines, driving twin propellers with high pressure gas supply systems. They also have GTT Mark III Flex storage tanks which reduce their boil-off rate (BOR) from 0.15% to 0.1%. Such features make the LNG carriers among the most fuel-efficient and cleanest in the global fleet.

As well as classification services, LR provided valuable independent consultancy services for Spanish owner, Elcano, to ensure the highest safety and performance standards for these cutting edge ships.

These services include risk assessments (HAZIDs and HAZOPS) for the vessels' fuel gas supply system and strength, fatigue and vibration analysis services for the hull and pump tower structures.

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