Partners to combine market knowledge and data capability, helping clients optimise business performance.

Seabury Maritime, LLC, the global maritime investment banking and industry advisory company and a subsidiary of Seabury Capital Group, has formed a strategic partnership with LR, the provider of classification, compliance, and advisory services, to support maritime clients with key business decisions.

The partners will leverage their global capabilities, vast market knowledge, and extensive networks to build a platform to help shipowners and other shipping stakeholders better assess the risks and opportunities facing their businesses.

By delivering an end-to-end service to empower clients to navigate operational and capital expenditure challenges in a fiercely competitive maritime marketplace, the tie-up will boost profitability, revenue, and operational efficiency, while addressing ongoing concerns, including regulation, shrinking margins, geopolitical risks as well as physical and cyber security threats.

“Based on our initial soft-opening with the market, we know that digitalisation and decarbonisation will be key components of our joint maritime operational performance assessment offering,” said Seabury Maritime President & CEO Edward M.A. Zimny.

“Working together, Seabury Maritime and LR will provide a full spectrum of advanced methodologies to help clients assess their operational and financial performance so that they can implement profitability-boosting strategies and technologies, which will enhance revenues, optimise costs, and increase efficiencies.”

John Hicks, LR President of Americas Marine & Offshore, said the partnership between the companies comes at the right time as the industry needs a state-of-the-art advisory service to effectively identify and resolve issues and bottlenecks that are severely impacting maritime organisations’ bottom lines.

“The synergies of this partnership, and LR’s deep domain expertise in the most relevant functions and segments of the maritime sector, means the tie-up will offer client organisations unrivaled solutions to profitability and growth,” Hicks added.

“Working with LR, we’ll deliver solutions centered around analysing data, identifying areas to improve, measuring performance over time, and bolstering decision-making which no other firm currently offers,” Zimny added.