LR now has a senior surveyor permanently based in Lyttelton Port, Christchurch, New Zealand, to better service local and global customers operating in this area.

This initiative will provide increased levels of responsiveness, convenience and cost savings for clients requiring survey activity in the South Island of New Zealand. LR senior surveyor Peter Hatton took up the post in July 2018 and has been with LR for 11 years, previously working in the Sydney and Perth offices.

Pierre de Chateau Thierry, LR’s Marine Business Development Manager for Australasia, said: “LR is the only class society with a full-time surveyor based in the South Island of New Zealand, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring we are where our customers need us to be, even in remote areas like Lyttelton. LR’s combination of global reach and local presence makes a huge difference to our customers.”

Lyttelton Port is the main port in the South Island of New Zealand and is visited by many global trade vessels along with local vessels such as fishing trawlers, tugs and work boats that operate in the area.

Lloyd's Register's senior surveyor Peter Hatton, in overalls, safety helmet and goggles standing in front of scaffolding.

LR senior surveyor Peter Hatton.