Recommendations on priority areas of focus are intended to contribute to the next iteration of the UK government’s Clean Maritime Plan

A new report produced by Marine Capital Ltd, with the support of UMAS and LR, UK Domestic Shipping: Mobilising Investment in Net Zero, identifies funding mechanisms that can be applied immediately to unlock untapped investment capital to finance the UK’s domestic maritime sector to transition to net zero, without waiting for the introduction of carbon pricing or the selection of a ‘winning’ zero emission fuel solution.

The report presents the most comprehensive study to-date of the UK domestic maritime sector, and its findings and recommendations are intended to contribute significantly to the next iteration of the UK government’s Clean Maritime Plan.

The complexity of the UK’s domestic maritime sector, with its diverse range of stakeholders, vessels and ports presents significant challenges to achieving net zero. The Study identifies the vessels which comprise the UK domestic and short-sea shipping fleets and provides a profile of these fleets, including a breakdown of emissions by different vessel types.

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