What is LR Class Direct?

LR Class Direct is our client portal for ship owners, ship operators and shipbuilders of vessels under LR Class. This provides access to survey-related features, including; Fleet/asset list, Asset details, Survey status/history, Survey schedule, Survey request, Notes and actions, MPMS (for eligible assets), ESP (for eligible assets), and Country files.


If you need any support with our portal, please contact our dedicated email address:

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Login to the LR client portal

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Urgent survey requests outside normal business

To arrange urgent assistance please call +44 208 052 1111

Frequently asked questions

Applying for a new account

If you have already registered for LR Class Direct, proceed directly to login using your email address and the password you created. If you have not registered, it may take up to 2 working days to process your request, and a confirmation email will be sent when your account is ready.

What ships should I be able to see in LR Class Direct?

Your client account is associated with an IMO client code. This is mapped to the fleet you are associated with. Further restrictions may be placed on account at your organisation’s request, to limit access to a smaller sub fleet.

How can I request that ship/company information is updated?

Please get in touch with our team at class.direct@lr.org

What information can I export?

You can export fleet details (or a sub set of your fleet), asset details in various levels of detail as a PDF. Survey schedules can also be exported such that it can be imported as tasks into MS Outlook.

Will LR Class Direct notify me about my fleet?

Notifications (for assets in your “favourites” list) can be subscribed to by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen. These notifications will be emailed to the username/email address set up when you registered. You can subscribe to a variety of notifications but it is important to note that notifications are only sent for assets that you have listed as favourites.

How can I check the latest survey status of a ship?

Log in to your account, your fleet will be displayed and you can “tunnel” down to further detail as required.

Who can I contact with queries about my survey report details or issues with my survey schedule?

Please get in touch with your your local Lloyd's Register office, account manager, or the team at cdlive@lr.org. For any naval queries, please contact mod-office@lr.org

How can I request access to a specific ship?

By default, you should see the full fleet associated with the client code against which your account has been configured. However, on request we can limit any user’s account to a subset of that fleet or even a single ship.

How do I request a survey?

If you wish to request a survey and a surveyor is not required to attend within 2 working days, you can use the “Request a Survey” function that can be found on your Fleet List as well as on the Asset Details page for your asset. You will then be able to select the services you need, give Lloyd's Register dates, locations and contact details for the survey as well as add any other important information pertaining to the survey. 

On completion of the form, a copy of the request will be emailed to the email address you have used for your LR Class Direct account, anyone you have copied into the email, the Client Facing Office that will deal with your request and the local Service Delivery Office that will execute your surveys.

  • If you need an immediate response from Lloyd's Register, if the work needs to be done within 2 working days please use the urgent survey request +44 208 052 1111 

  • To arrange an urgent survey, please make sure you have the the following information; ship IMO number, name and company, your contact details, ship contact details, port details and the nature of urgency. 
  • If you are a Naval client, do not use the Request a Survey function – instead please contact your local Lloyd's Register office or client manager as normal via email or phone.
Why can’t I request a survey, or this tab is greyed out?

If you find that the Request a Survey function is not available to you, this is likely due to LR Class Direct not being able to pick up any contract details against your asset. Do not worry – please contact either your Client Manager or local Lloyd's Register office (by phone or email) to arrange your survey and notify them that the Request a Survey function was not active for your asset. They will then check with our contract teams who will resolve the issue and ensure that you are able to use the Request a Survey function the next time you need to arrange a survey.

What if I need a survey done within 24 hours from now?

If you need to arrange a survey within 48hours, please arrange an urgent survey request.

To arrange urgent assistance make sure you have the following information:

  • Ship information (IMO number / name / Company)
  • Your contact details
  • Vessel's contact details
  • Port details
  • Nature of urgency
  • Contact us on the following telephone number +44 208 052 1111 

The Request a Survey function is more for planned scheduled work and allows for a lead time of at least 2 days to respond and arrange a surveyor to attend.