In this second LR webinar focusing on EEXI Compliance and Carbon Intensity Reduction.

Matthew Williams, our Principal Specialist in Strategic Regulatory Projects, will take you through the updates from MEPC 76 due to finish on 17 June 2021, when amendments to MARPOL Annex VI are due to be adopted. 

Matthew and Dr Chris Craddock, our Technical Advisory and Ship Performance Manager, will address the following critical questions facing shipowners and operators:

  • What are the material changes to the IMO guidelines for calculating the attained EEXI and use of Overridable Power Limitation -  and what does this mean for shipowners?
  • When is entry into force, and what is the path to compliance between now and then?
  • What has the IMO determined in terms of Operational Carbon Intensity reduction requirements?
  • What are the unresolved issues, when are they likely to be addressed, and what should shipowners be doing in the meantime?  

This webinar was recorded on the 24 June 2021. 


James McCracken, Product Manager, Marine & Offshore at LR.

James McCracken is Lloyd’s Register’s Product Manager for EEXI advisory services and statutory certification, responsible for developing commercial solutions which address and exceed our clients’ needs.

With a degree in Economics and a decade of commercial Product Development and Management experience in a range of industries including maritime, automotive and insurance, James joined LR in January 2020.


Matthew Williams, Principal Specialist, Strategic Regulatory Projects at LR.

Matthew Williams is Lloyd's Register's expert on the risks and opportunities of the regulatory framework for shipping. He provides insight on regulatory developments influenced by trends expected to introduce disruptive or structural change within the shipping industry.

Educated as an economist, Matthew is also trained as a naval mariner and has represented shipowners and operators at the International Maritime Organisation. Matthew joined Lloyd’s Register in 2019.

Dr Chris Craddock, Technical Advisory & Ship Performance Manager at LR.

In his current role Dr Chris Craddock, Technical Advisory & Ship Performance Manager at Lloyd’s Register, is responsible for the development, growth and management of advisory services in the areas of energy efficiency, ship design, environmental compliance, and data science.

Chris is passionate about developing strategy, services and engagement for all shipping stakeholders to address the forthcoming challenges on decarbonisation through deployment of advanced technologies and harnessing the power of Lloyd’s Register’s highly skilled colleagues.

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