About the event

During the two-day GREEN4SEA Virtual Forum attendees heard about the key topics  and trends being discussed in the environmental and sustainable shipping industry.

The forum discussed subjects including Air Emissions, Fuel Options & Alternatives, Energy Efficiency, Ballast Water Management, Green Shipping Best Practices, and Sustainable Shipping.

Event date:  21-22 April 2021

LR's involvement in panel discussions


LNG as a fuel panel:

Many consider LNG as a bridge fuel and others see it a more lasting solution in the decarbonization mix. LNG may be the best way today to accommodate the zero carbon fuels of tomorrow. 

Panayiotis Mitrou, Global Gas Segment Manager, joined as a panellist. 


LPG as a fuel panel:

Bunkering is the key advantage of LPG as a fuel plus an existing feel of LPG carriers for which this is by far the solution for a dual fuel option. LPG exists everywhere; wherever you find import and export terminals, they can be used for LPG bunkering.

Peter Van de Graaf, Senior Surveyor in Charge WEA South, joined as a panellist. 


Methanol as a fuel panel:

Methanol is a strong option in the battle of alternative fuels It is proven as a clean, efficient and safe fuel that offers immediate decarbonization benefits with substantial net GHG reductions, full compliance with IMO2020 and a pathway that leads to net carbon neutrality.

Douglas Raitt, Regional Consultancy Manager, joined as a panellist.

Panel sessions were held on the 22nd of April.