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Frequently asked questions

  • General

    Why does there seem to be two versions of Class Direct now?

    We have migrated many vessel and survey related items to the new LR Class Direct application, the remainder are, for now, left in a version of Class Direct that has been renamed CD Info.

    What ships should I be able to see?

    Your client account is associated with an IMO client code…..This is mapped to the fleet you are associated with. Further restrictions may be placed on account at your organisation’s request, to limit access to a smaller sub fleet.

    I already had a Class Direct login, why do I need a new one?

    In order to safeguard your data and improve your experience with future LR applications, we are now using a Single Sign On (SSO) system which we call LR Account. In future, other new LR applications will also use LR Account, meaning that you sign in once but have access to all applications for which you have permissions.

    Is there any support documentation or training available?

    Watch this space. Some is being prepared.

    What happened to all the information that was previously in CD Live?

    It has not yet been moved to LR CD. The old Class Direct has been moved and renamed to CD Info and can be accessed via the Class Direct homepage.

    How can I request that vessel/company information is updated?

    Contact the Marine and Offshore Systems Support (MOSS) team on moss@lr.org.

  • LR Class Direct

    What information can I export?

    You can export fleet details (or a sub set of your fleet), asset details in various levels of detail as a PDF. Survey schedules can also be exported such that it can be imported as tasks into MS Outlook.

    Will LR CD notify me regarding my fleet?

    Notifications (for vessels in your “favourites” list) can be subscribed to by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen. These notifications will be emailed to the username/email address set up when you registered.

    How do I request a survey?

    By clicking on the 'request survey' button, then following the workflow to identify the surveys required, the time/date, location and contact details. You can review your request before submission and will receive an email copy of what you have requested. The office through which you requested a survey will be in touch soon after you send your request.

    How can I check the latest survey status of a vessel?

    Simply log in to your account, your fleet will be displayed and you can “tunnel” down to further detail as required.

    Who can I contact to report any errors in survey information?

    Contact the Marine and Offshore Systems Support (MOSS) team at moss@lr.org.

    Who can I contact for advice regarding survey procedures or for general survey related enquiries?

    Contact your local office in the first instance.

    How can I request access to a specific vessel?

    By default, you should see the full fleet associated with the client code against which your account has been configured. However, on request we can limit any user’s account to a subset of that fleet or even a single vessel.

    How do I request a survey?

    To enhance the previous simple form, we now have a workflow, that allows users to select the surveys, add details of where and when the survey is to occur, additional information such as joining instructions, health and safety information, contact details etc, Then confirm all the details before submission. The requestor will get a copy of the submission and can add other recipients for information.

    Can LR Class Direct provide notifications about my vessels?

    By clicking on the user’s name, users can subscribe to a variety of notifications. It is important to note that NOTIFICATIONS ARE ONLY SENT FOR VESSELS THAT THE USER HAS LISTED AS FAVOURITES.

    Can I get an asset listing?

    Yes. A variety of export options are available

    What happened to Exhibition of Records?

    It still works in much the same way, except viewing parties will instead be given access to the new application, LR Class Direct. (Details can be found on the homepage)

    Why can’t I share an account with a colleague?

    LR Class Direct has features such as favourites and notifications that are specific to an individual user.

    If accounts were shared, then password resets would fail, notifications will go to the wrong users and if favourites are adjusted by one user, there will be an impact, not only on favourites but on received notifications.

    What do the numbers in the shapes on the survey planner mean?

    A number means that more than one survey is due in the period shown. Most will be displayed as circles, but postponed surveys will be indicated by a triangle. Colours represent “traffic light” due status as follows:

    B. Red - Overdue

    C. Amber – Due soon or imminent

    D. Green – Not due

  • Mobile app

    Where can I get the app from?

    Versions of the app will be available from launch, on the Apple App Store and Google Play stores respectively. It should be noted that the main web application is responsive and will work, within the browser of any device.

    What credentials do I use?

    The mobile app uses the same credentials as the main web version of LR Class Direct.

    What does the app do?

    The mobile app uses the same codebase as the web application and has almost all features.

    What sort of phone/tablet will it run on?

    The app and web versions have been built and tested on the most popular device sizes. There may be some devices on which it does not appear at its best…..We welcome your feedback on these.

    Is there a mobile equivalent of CD Info?


  • LR Account

    What is LR account?

    Based on Microsoft Azure B2C, LR Account is our Single Sign On (SSO) solution. This means that users only have to provide and maintain their information once and a single username (your email address) and password will provide access to all future LR applications on which you have permissions.

    Why is the registration process very long and comprehensive?

    Partly because we take the security of your data seriously and have used 2 factor authentication, validating both your email and telephone, but also because the LR account you create may be used to serve a variety of new applications that will be coming online.

    Why can’t I use callback when registering for an account from a ship at sea?

    Satellite calls are charged at around £90 GBP or equivalent per minute. Such calls rarely reach the recipient directly and so could be very costly. The calls are made by Microsoft, who will not bear such charges.

    I have been logged out of Class Direct, what happened?

    As a security feature, your LR CD session will expire after 60 minutes of inactivity. Simply sign in again.

    What if I forget my password?

    After failing to enter the correct password, you will be offered a forgotten password link. Following this, with 2 factor authentication, you will be able to reset your password.

  • CD info

    Why is the registration process very long and comprehensive?

    Partly because we take the security of your data seriously and have used 2 factor authentication, validating both your email and telephone, but also because the LR account you create may be used to serve a variety of new LR applications that will be coming online.

  • New terminology

    Ships and other structures

    Statutory Findings
    These are statutory deficiencies that may impact the statutory certification for the vessel. These will have a due date that has been agreed with the vessel’s flag authority.

    Actionable Items
    These replace memos that required action and provide information about activities that need to be undertaken but which do not immediately affect class.

    Asset Notes
    These are notes that convey information, but do not require any specific action. They replace certain memos that were for information only.

    Maintenance Management System (MMS)
    A collective name for ISM, ISPS MLC etc.

    Final Attendance Report (FAR)
    Produced by the surveyor on completion of all requested services.

    Final Survey Report (FSR)
    Includes all information in the FAR, plus the supporting narrative, readings and attachments.

    Task Lists
    Each item on the asset model has specific requirements, known as Tasks.

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