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Informed and compliant voyage decision-making


OneOcean solutions

Who we are

OneOcean is the largest global supplier of voyage solutions for the maritime industry. Our portfolio encompasses navigation, QHSE, data solutions, and environmental planning, enabling better-informed and more compliant voyage decision-making.



Our Philosophy

The OneOcean approach allows customers to embed high quality processes into day-to-day operations, onshore and across fleets. The result is defined risk management, systematic compliance and well-informed decision-making.

  • Consolidate internal and external data for clarity
  • Use integrated data in a common workflow for easier process completion
  • Flexibility to react to unfolding circumstances
  • Clear visibility and context for compliant decision-making

OneOcean Solutions


Navigation from OneOcean facilitates holistic voyage planning, unifying all the data required to plan comprehensive voyages in one dynamic process. Users benefit from a streamlined voyage planning process consolidated into one workflow, from appraisal to planning to scheduling to optimising and monitoring.

Products: PassageManager, Voyage Planner, Weather, Ports


Environmental from OneOcean allows crews and shoreside teams to systematically implement, communicate, monitor and analyse environmental actions across fleets.

The solution is built on a quality database of environmental regulations accurately denoted geographically on interactive charts. Users have clarity throughout the planning stages and during voyages on permissible discharges and emissions.

Products: EnviroManager, EnviroManager+, LogCentral


Manage risk and enable operational excellence with embedded processes and shared access to data.

Methodically manage health and safety across fleets with shared access to data, effective communication, efficient document management and systematic oversight.

Products: FleetManager, Regs4ships, Regs4yachts, Docmap

Data solutions

Harness the power of OneOcean’s quality data sets, with the flexibility to deploy when and how you use it.

Benefit from data accessibility integrated into your own systems through APIs, to achieve relevant context for your operations.

Offering: APIs and Partnership opportunities

OneOcean solutions - enabling better informed, compliant, decision-making.

Why OneOcean

OneOcean is the largest global supplier of voyage solutions for the maritime industry. Our innovative, integrated software enables a holistic approach to operationalising compliance throughout the fleet through digital processes.

With a portfolio that encompasses navigation, environmental, QHSE, and data solutions, the OneOcean Total Voyage approach integrates data, linking dynamic events for effective, holistic planning, better visibility and more informed decision-making for ship and shoreside teams.

We are proud to support some of the largest commercial maritime organisations globally, allowing users aboard and ashore to simplify complex tasks and break down the walls between traditionally siloed operations. As new challenges and regulations continue to emerge, OneOcean is at the forefront of technology, working with customers to respond with agility to changing conditions.


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