Boost competitive advantage and eliminate the costs of containers lost at sea by optimising stowage with BoxMax. Lloyd’s Register’s comprehensive BoxMax stowage packages ensure a faster turnaround in port and more security during transit. The result: higher profit margins, clear service differentiation and a stronger competitive position.

Building on the approved container securing system of BoxMax Assured Stowage, two new packages – BoxMax(V,W,L) Flexible Stowage and BoxMax(M) Customised Stowage – extend functionality and perfectly balance risk and reward.

With integration and ease of use paramount, each BoxMax package offers new levels of visibility for both shore-based and onboard teams – whatever the vessel, whatever the freight, and whatever the weather. 

What makes us different?

We’re clear – We won’t complicate the process with unnecessary techspeak.

We’re invested – We don’t just name a higher theoretical carrying capacity. We help you achieve it!

We make an impact – We help you differentiate: however you choose to do it.

It’s time to maximise cargo carry capacity, enhance safety and lock in competitive advantage across your container carrier fleet with BoxMax. 

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