As part of the ESP requirements, a survey planning questionnaire and survey programme is required to be prepared by the owners/managers at least six months in advance of the special survey and submitted to Lloyd's Register for agreement for all ships that are assigned the ESP notation.

Please note: that in addition to the ESP requirements, for single hulled oil tankers beyond a certain age, compliance with Regulation 13G(7) of MARPOL 73/78 as amended is also required. 

Submitting the documents for approval

Download, open and complete the dynamic PDF form of the ESP ‘survey questionnaire and programme’ using the LR publication: ‘Guidance Booklet for all ESP ships in preparation for Special Survey’. Then please sign and save the form and email it to your local LR Group office. LR will return to you the approved ESP survey programme for placing onboard during commencement of the forthcoming survey. May we remind you of the requirement to have an approved survey programme onboard on commencement of special survey and intermediate survey after 10 years of age for ESP ships. Our local LR Group Offices are happy to assist you.