A third party may want access to Class Direct to see the survey status and history of a ship you own or manage. Access to that specific vessel’s information is possible for a limited period, but only after the owner or manager has given written permission to LR. This is known as Exhibition of Records.

The Exhibition of Records (EOR) process is as follows:

'We (owners/managers) authorise (viewing party name) to inspect the Class Direct records of (vessel name and IMO number) online using a temporary Exhibition of Records account.'
'We accept that use of such an account will enable (viewing party name) to take screen prints of the available information.'
'We agree/we do not agree (delete as appropriate) to Lloyd’s Register providing a copy of the latest Thickness Measurement report to (viewing party name).'
'(Also include full details and location of the viewing party.)'

  • If they don't have already access to our client portal, the viewing party must sign up for an LR account, select LR Class Direct, request an EOR account, and identify the vessel(s) to be viewed.
  • LR will create an EOR account (usually valid for two weeks unless otherwise specified).
  • Login confirmation will be provided to the viewing party, providing access to the subject vessel(s) for a limited period. The Thickness Measurement report will also be provided if requested and authorised by the selling party.
  • If the viewing party already has a Class Direct account, EOR will be added to that account.