The Approval Marks below, issued by the accrediting member of the Lloyd’s Register group, is authorised for use to promote the products, equipment, or services covered by your approval certificate. This mark is applicable for use on stationery, promotional literature, websites, product marking, or packaging, and, where relevant, may also be employed for casting or stamping work.

Guidelines for Use

  • Size Requirements: The Approval Mark must not be used at a size smaller than 20 mm in height, though it can be enlarged as long as the original proportions are maintained.
  • Color Specifications: Reproduction is limited to black (Pantone© Black or Process Black), blue (Pantone© 541), green and white. A white key line ensures visibility against dark backgrounds.

Limitations and Exceptions

  • In scenarios where the Approval Mark's standard application is impractical, such as along the length of a cable with a printable surface height less than 20 mm, a text version in Source Sans Pro Semi Bold typeface, no smaller than 10pt, in black or white, should be used. Contact Lloyd’s Register for guidance and approval of the text version's wording.
  • Website Application: It is recommended that the Approval Mark be linked back to the Lloyd’s Register website ( or to the approval list (
  • The Approval Mark must be used without alterations to maintain consistency and avoid confusion, unless explicit permission is obtained from the relevant Lloyd’s Register group member.

Additional Instructions

  • Where necessary, include the unique approval or certificate number below the Approval Mark, and service-related information to the right, using either Frutiger or Arial typefaces, to maintain a uniform appearance.
  • The Approval Mark must not be used in any manner that could mislead third parties into believing it endorses non-approved products, equipment, or services.

Misuse and Withdrawal

  • The Approval Mark must strictly not be used in any manner or way that could lead third parties to believe that it serves to endorse any products, equipment or services to which it does not in fact apply
  • Misuse of the Approval Mark may lead to its withdrawal, especially if misuse continues after a warning.
  • Companies without a valid Lloyd’s Register approval certificate must cease use of the Approval Mark immediately to avoid legal consequences.

Intellectual Property and Licensing

  • All intellectual property rights in the Approval Mark belong to the accrediting member of the Lloyd’s Register group, which grants a non-exclusive license for its reproduction, contingent upon adherence to these requirements. This license is revocable at any time.
  • For detailed instructions on the application and management of the Approval Mark, refer to the corresponding approval procedures.