What is maritime classification?

It is the development, publication and global implementation of rules that define standards of quality, safety and reliability of ships. 

Why is classification needed?

Rigorous safety and operational efficiency are essential for the shipping industry to thrive. Internationally recognised classification ensures ships are built to the highest standards, can operate effectively and safely, comply with strict maritime and environmental regulations, and prolong their working life.

What is the role of a classification society?

Shipowners and ship operators look to experienced and respected classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register (LR) to survey and verify the ships compliance with Classification Rules and Regulations.

This can include assessing the structural strength and integrity of a ship’s hull, the safety and reliability of the main propulsion and steering systems, other auxiliary systems on the ship, and the environmental impact of its operations. 

As a leading member of the International Association of Classification Societies, LR collaborates to establish the technical standards and benchmarks for maritime design, construction and safety, operational efficiency and environmental challenges.

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Why use Lloyd’s Register?

We are regulatory experts and trusted advisers in safety, efficiency and sustainability in the maritime sector. We collaborate with our clients, developing long-term relationships that add value to their fleet and offshore operations. We help to identify the full potential to enhance and maintain operational effectiveness while minimising risks to life, assets and the environment.

How we can help:

  • Market-leading knowledge
  • A worldwide team of experienced surveyors
  • Help to maintain a ship’s value during its service life
  • Innovative ideas to face new challenges
  • Constant dialogue with the industry we serve

Transferring your vessels to LR class

We want you to have the best partner to support the safe and efficient operation of your vessels, now and in the future

The future for classification

The maritime sector has seen significant changes and challenges in recent years due to the increased size of the global fleet, digitalisation and technological advances, climate change and the need for decarbonisation. New safety risks and governing standards need to be addressed in this changing environment.

We are already addressing such areas as:

As the needs of the maritime sector change, so will classification with LR evolving to help their clients meet the demands of the challenges to come.