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Our Software Conformity Assessment is an impartial certification system assessing software products against published criteria. It involves inspecting the software product's documentation at all stages of its creation lifecycle, witnessing tests and the functionality of completed software products. Gain confidence in the quality of your software products with a service that offers an impartial certification system based on an assessment of applications against published criteria and guidelines.

The lifecycle stages during software development require evidence of successful completion at each stage, including:

  • Requirement specification
  • Design implementation
  • Unit and integration testing
  • System verification
  • Configuration management
  • Available maintenance provision

Why a Software Conformity Assessment?

Covering all stages of its creation lifecycle, it involves inspection of documentation, witnessing of tests and witnessing of the functionality for completed software products.

It’s available for:

  • Control System Applications
  • Software Products for Planned Maintenance Schemes
  • Electronic Record Books for MARPOL and Ballast Water Applications

What a Software Conformity Assessment involves

You will gain evidence of successful completion at each stage, from requirements specification to available maintenance provision. Evidence of planning is available at all stages of product implementation, along with documentation for the installation of the product and its use.

Successful assessment results in the award of a certificate, the right to use a Software Conformity Mark and entry of the product details in the LR Approvals database.

Software Conformity Mark Usage

The Software Conformity Mark can be requested directly from tass@lr.org or from the LR office that carried out the certification.

Software Conformity Assessment Approved stamp

Why LR?

LR's third-party certification services deliver the confidence manufacturers and clients need, providing the technical expertise to ensure products and components meet the highest standards.

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LR is your trusted adviser for all compliance and performance requirements, offering services that make your business safe, sustainable and efficient.

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We do more than tell you that your product has passed or failed. We support you by connecting you with expertise and sharing our domain experience to add value and provide clarity to the technical detail.

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We are founded on social purpose values and safety has been at the heart of our work since the very beginning. LR is agile, adaptable and focused on delivering sustainable change for the future. Learn more by exploring our sustainability story.

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We are accelerating our technical capability, transitioning to more digital services to give you access to technical expertise, whether in person or remote. Through digital transformation, we utilise data and real-time intelligence to provide transparency and oversight throughout the project lifecycle.

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We partner with you to support maritime in achieving its decarbonisation objectives and driving performance across the ocean economy. We help you mitigate risk, enhance operations and make intelligent investment decisions.

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