LR zonal charging

Our new zonal charging model delivers a single, easy to manage fee, consolidating all travel time, expenses and revisits for surveys. We will no longer charge for variable amounts of travel expenses, time and revisits across different ports.

  • Zonal charging – six new zones with travel times, ports and costs including 329 free ports.
  • A common framework – all travel related survey charges covered, regardless of how many hours/days it took.*
  • One single fixed fee – simple and easy to review invoice with one charge on one line.
  • All contracts – relevant for block fee and non-block fee in-service contracts.

The below map view and list tabs give the detail on all LR ports and their respective zones.

You can see all ports in a given zone, or look up a port by areas and country to find out which zone it’s in.

Please note, zonal charging only applies where the a vessel requires physical attendance. 

Please contact your LR Account Manger if you have any questions or would like to find out more about our zonal charging or remote fees.

*Excludes overtime associated with travel.

Any location, anchorage or shipyard not listed below is included in zone F.

Ports and Zone list

Map view

How we calculate the zonal charges

Most customers have two or more hours as part of their contracts, and only pay the excess.

My allowance in hours zero two three four six
My charge in $ (USD)
For visits in zone A 0 0 0 0 0
USD B 545 0 0 0 0
C 1,020 475 0 0 0
D 1,715 1,170 700 0 0
E 2,415 1,870 1,400 700 0
F Variable

As an example:

  • If you have two hours included in your block fee contract, you automatically get travel included to all locations in zone A and zone B, this is 701 ports worldwide.
  • If you requested a survey to a port in zone C, you will now be charged the difference between the basic zone C price and the basic zone B price (e.g. $1,020 - $545 = $475).
  • If you request travel to a bespoke port you are charged as incurred, less their $545 allowance.
  • For work outside a block fee contract, the same zonal charges apply, but we don't include the time allowances.