Turn visual data into accessible, actionable information to improve decision making on asset defects and changes.

Our client needs

As the demand for more insightful, efficient asset inspection and certification services continues to increase, the tools used to deliver these capabilities must evolve to take advantage of the growing data sources to drive additional insights and efficiency gains in the delivery of existing inspection services.

Capabilities we leverage

LR SecondSight, is a cloud-based tool specifically designed to store vast amounts of visual data securely. Our software streamlines inspection workflows utilising visual data collected via drone or mobile or any other image capture devices. This allows you to manage all your image data in one place, giving the most complete, comprehensive basis for reporting, tracking and decision-making through visual insights.

Accessed by an easy to use web application, you can readily upload photos and videos direct to the platform. You can then search, view and annotate the images, creating and sharing inspection reports with other stakeholders - making data heavy visual inspection jobs simple to manage. It’s a smart way to collect and organise image and video data from multiple sources and aggregate it into a useful and accessible reference database for greater visibility and deeper insight.

Manage your assets

Create an asset tree hierarchy, add and organise your assets within any number of asset groups, going into as much detail as you like using asset components. These components can even function as a checklist for your inspections.

Manage your inspections

Create an inspection job and link it to one of your asset hierarchies at any level group, asset, and component. All footage collected during an inspection can be added to this inspection and associated with the specific asset or component driven workflows.

Create and manage multiple checklists on a single asset to provide guidance to inspection staff and view real-time inspection progress. If you currently use multiple checklists, these can also be unified to give you a clearer picture of your entire asset.

Upload and annotate your footage

Upload all your inspection images and videos. View them in original quality and link them to the asset hierarchy (to specific components for example). Highlight key findings and observations through the easy to use annotation tool (including video footage). All annotated footage and comments are extracted into a draft report automatically.

screenshot of footage

Accelerated report creation

The inspection report can be edited and shared with specific recipients, allowing them to easily view the report and footage while keeping a full archive of all associated media for future reference. Report versions and change logs are also tracked for easy reference.

The approach we take

We are focussed on the creation of new, quantitatively driven, technical insights for our clients while also enhancing the client experience along the way. Capturing inspection data in new ways, with new tools will allow LR to apply its broad expertise in data analysis and analytics to uncover entirely new areas of value for our clients, in many cases without additional time or resource required.

The application is available for license by 2nd and 3rd party inspection service firms as well.

Please contact us for additional information.

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