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Furuno's HermAce is a service designed to allow constant monitoring of on-board equipment anywhere and anytime you need. Additionally, it allows enhanced monitoring by sending information to both the crew and the shore-based team for better decision making and quick actions.

Certified applications:

  • HermAce Remote VDR APT Service (Digital Twin APPROVED - Approval in Principle)

Key business benefits:

  • Reduced time & costs of troubleshooting and fault isolation
  • Failure avoidance
  • Most economical alternative to annual performance testing


  • Digital Twin READY
  • Digital Twin APPROVED - Approval in Principle (HermAce Remote VDR APT Service)

Assured AI application:

Digital twin for asset health management

Target applications:

All electronic equipment manufactured by Furuno

Note: Target applications are not yet verified and validated by LR


Assured AI type
  • Knowledge-based algorithms
Assured insights type
  • Anomaly and fault detection
Additional services
  • Remote servicing & advisories, including active online support from engineers
About Furuno

Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. is a provider of digital twins & Japanese electronics company whose main products are marine electronics, including radar systems, fish finders and navigational instruments. The company also manufactures global positioning systems, medical equipment and meteorological monitoring and analysis systems.