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HAT Analytics is the developer of the HAT (Highly Adaptive Technology) Digital Health Monitoring System, designed for health diagnosis of ships’ rotating machinery. An embedded machine-diagnostics algorithm is analysing vibration readings and expertly diagnose machinery health and provide instant feedback and recommendations to the on-board crew, as well as the shore office stakeholders. HAT substitutes the visual inspection and strip-down surveys typically done onshore.

Certified applications:

  • No applications have been certified yet

Key business benefits:

  • Failure avoidance
  • Inspection and maintenance savings by understanding the health condition
  • End of warranty investigation


  • Digital Twin READY

Assured AI application:

  • Digital twin for asset health management

Target applications:

  • Rotating machinery equipment (pumps, compressors, fans, purifiers, turbochargers etc.)

Note: Target applications are not yet verified and validated by LR

AI information as follows:

Assured AI type
  • Knowledge-based algorithms
Assured insights type
  • Fault detection and remedial actions recommendations
Additional services
  • API services for machinery health report integration to client ERP
  • Online support by Level III Vibration Analysts, online CM reporting and BI platform for onshore stakeholders and KPIs
About HAT Analytics

HAT Analytics provides digital health monitoring solutions for ship machinery performance & maintenance optimization. HAT Analytics was founded in 2020, by a team of 5 experienced Electrical Engineers, Vibration Analysts and Software Developers.