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ZhenDui Industrial Artificial Intelligence (ZDIAI)

ZDIAI’s Smart Vessel Operation and Maintenance System uses real-time and historical vessel data combining big data analysis tech, digital-twin tech and Artificial Intelligent tech to derive the ship health management, ship energy efficiency management, ship cargo management, and ship intelligent navigation with LR DIGITAL AL2 SAFE/MAINTAIN/PERFORM and CYBER SECURITY symbol certificates.

They are also working on the development of autonomous navigation systems.

Certified applications:

  • No applications have been certified yet

Key business benefits:

  • Failure avoidance
  • Reduced costs of visual inspections
  • Maintenance cost optimisation
  • Navigation safety optimization
  • Ship energy efficiency optimization
  • Fleet management optimisation


  • Digital Twin READY - Approval in Principle

Assured AI application:

  • Digital twin for asset health management

Target applications:

  • Safe and high-efficiency ship management
  • Ship equipments health management.
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Greenhouse gas reduction

Note: Target applications are not yet verified and validated by LR


Assured AI type

Knowledge-based algorithms

Assured insights type
  • Anomaly and fault detection
Additional services
  • Active online support from ZDIAI industrial data services and management system effectiveness evaluation center


ZDIAI is an industrial intelligent high-tech enterprise jointly created by CSSC and CITIC Group. It has a rich accumulation of digital transformation in the shipping field and is a leader in the ship intelligence industry. Undertaking the mission of empowering industrial intelligent transformation, with the goal of becoming a "cross-industry platform-based industrial Internet leader", based on the shipbuilding and industrial Internet platform construction for the industrial field,providing safe, economical and efficient industrial digital products,services and integrated solution