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Furuno's HermAce Remote VDR APT Service (Approval in Principle)

Furuno’s HermAce digital twin and remote annual performance test (APT) service of the voyage data recorder (VDR) is a solution that can monitor 154 unique failure modes of the VDR, providing equivalence to the functional testing and troubleshooting performed during the VDR annual performance test.

Key business benefits

  • Most economical alternative to annual performance testing
  • Reduced time & costs of troubleshooting and fault isolation for 154 failure types
  • Failure avoidance of 99 failure types of the VDR


  • Digital Twin APPROVED - Approval in Principle

AI application

  • Digital twin for asset health management

AI type

  • Model-based algorithms

Insights type

  • Anomaly and fault detection


  • Of the 192 unique failure modes of the VDR
  • 79 failure modes can be identified by the VDR digital twin working independently
  • 99 failure modes can be identified by the HermAce service with the remote engineer and VDR digital twin teaming
  • 154 failure modes can be identified by HermAce service with the remote engineer, VDR digital twin and remote video capability.

More information

Number of physical applications

~400 installations

Additional services provided

Remote servicing & advisory, including active online support from engineers

About Furuno

Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. is a provider of digital twins & Japanese electronics company whose main products are marine electronics, including radar systems, fish finders and navigational instruments. The company also manufactures global positioning systems, medical equipment and meteorological monitoring and analysis systems.

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