On Board Ships - 2020 Readiness for using 0.50% Fuels - eLearning

This online course will explore the implications of changing to 0.50% maximum sulphur fuel in 2020. You will find out what you need to do to be prepared and how to mitigate risks by optimising fuel management.

The key objective is to bring awareness on board ships to understand the variabilities of using 0.50% marine fuels when compared with the fuels they are familiar with using today. This will equip them to know the specific aspects of 0.50% fuels they will need to be alert to and make the necessary adjustment to temperature control, machinery  plant arrangements and settings from storage  through to combustion, ensuring a safe switch over.

Key benefits:

  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding needed to  prepare for the receipt and use of 0.50% fuel bunkers.
  • Convenient and flexible, easily accessible anywhere online.
  • Time and money saving compared to classroom based courses.
  • Easily accessed by ship’s staff and senior engineers.

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Classroom training

Practical Approach to Marine Fuel Management - 1 day classroom based course

This course is designed to help you develop the basic knowledge of marine fuel systems and other quality issues. This will benefit anyone involved in vessel chartering, operations, bunkering processes, fuel oil analysis and procurement or similar commercial roles. No prior knowledge of fuel management is assumed.

Key benefits:

  • Understand basic components and functionality of marine fuel systems (bunker manifold to exhaust emissions).
  • Understand marine fuel quality parameters and their significance on ship operations and impact on machinery.
  • Interpret fuel oil analysis reports and identify potential problems.

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Sulphur 2020: What's your plan?

The transition period has started.

Bespoke training

With the regulatory landscape changing, there is pressure on marine fuel supply chains which puts extra pressure on all individuals involved not least to show a smooth transition to 0.50% fuels. As well as other issues facing the marine industry such as the quality impact of marine fuels on vessel operations. We have in-house experts available to provide bespoke training for your specific needs.

Key benefits:

  • We can provide training at a time and location to suit your needs.
  • The training can be structured to your specific knowledge gaps and requirements i.e marine fuel management, fuel cost impact analysis.

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