This two day course will enable maritime professionals to recognise and manage changes within their organisation.


In today's dynamic marine environment, being able to (successfully) create and implement the necessary changes is considered vital. However, severe accidents have been caused by a failure to manage changes and improvements effectively.

It will assist in managing necessary changes more effectively to improve and optimise performance and reduce (the risk of) incidents involving damage to life, vessels, cargo and the environment.

Who will benefit?

This interactive course will benefit anyone whose role affects or is affected by changes in their work environment. It provides a key starting point to understand how changes impact business and safety performance. It will be particularly valuable for people concerned with:

  • Business continuity & risk management
  • Commercial performance
  • Operational performance
  • HSEQ performance
  • Design or procurement of vessel systems and equipment
  • Human behaviour and performance
  • Crew resource management
  • Organisational structure and culture
  • Crew competence and development
  • Vessel Newbuilding and/or modifications

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Define change (what is 'change' and what are exceptions?)

  • Explain what management of change is and the difference to change management

  • Start creating a management of change procedure for your organisation

  • Start building a (business) case for proactive or reactive change(s)

  • Start creating a specification plan to minimise the risks associated with change(s)

No prior knowledge on management of change is assumed. However, if you have existing knowledge about management systems and risk management you will benefit from the methods and cases which will be introduced in line with TMSA Element 7 (Management of Change).

Programme topics

  • Defining the term 'Change'

  • Recognising change and managing exceptions

  • The importance of the management of change process

  • Management of change vs change management

  • Risk management as part of management of change

  • Practical application of management of change through case studies

Delegates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.