This three-day training course will provide ship security officers with the training necessary to meet their obligations under the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code.


Adopting practical approaches to interpreting and implementing measures will help ensure compliance with maritime security requirements. The course is compliant with current IMO requirements.

Who will benefit

This training is of value to everyone assigned as a ship security officer who is responsible for overseeing fleet security and safety. This training provides a rapid and comprehensive programme that enables shipping companies to meet the requirements of the ISPS Code with security onboard their ships.

Many flag administrations have mandated specific ISPS Code training requirements which are met by satisfactory completion of this course.

The ISPS Code has far-reaching implications for personnel assigned responsibilities for the security and safety of your ships. The new requirements for a ship security officer, and their roles and responsibilities, are important considerations. Lloyd’s Register understands the complexities of the ship security officer requirements and provides tailored training sessions to help the SSO implement the company security programmes.

This comprehensive training programme will train ship security officers in the specific responsibilities they will have under the ISPS Code. Our training begins with comprehensive ISPS Code knowledge, fully immersing candidates in the mandatory elements of the Code. This forms the foundation for a practical ship security officer.

This is followed by training that provides expertise in the specific requirements and duties to be carried out by ship security officers such as:

  • undertaking security inspections of the ship to help ensure that security measures are adequate.

  • maintaining and supervising the implementation of the ship security plan.

  • assessing security drills, exercises and the roles of the crew.

  • co-ordinating and ensuring the security of cargo handling operations.

  • reporting security audits and any non-compliances to the company security officer.