Our network of national and regional offices, spread across six operating areas, provides you access to our advice and expert service delivery from Åalesund to Zhoushan.

Regional training centres:

Wherever you are, you can be confident that our entire team of over 8,000 specialists is never more than a phone call or email away.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team to find out how we can help you, contact one of our Regional training centres:

Please note, our training centres are only available during local business hours

(Canada, USA, Central and South Americas countries)
T +1 713 324 5800
E lramericastraining@lr.org

(Australia and New Zealand)
T +61 2 9262 1424
E josie.balana@lr.org

T +86 (0)21 5158 1000
E rebecca.wei@lr.org

France & Italy
(​Italy, Monaco, Malta, France and Luxemburg​)
T +39 010 8598628
E sonia.merello@lr.org

(​Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro)
T +30 (0)211 990 7777
E lloydspiraeustraining@lr.org

T +81 (0)45 682 5255
E yokohama-mbd@lr.org

Republic of Korea
T +82 (0)51 640 5086
E mi-cheong.cheong@lr.org

North Europe
(The Netherlands, Belgium,Denmark, Finland, ​Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Faroe Islands,Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic )
T +48 535 296 720
E nl.marinetraining@lr.org

T +65 (0)3163 0751
E rachel.yeo@lr.org

South Asia
(Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia)
T +60 392 122 360
E southasia-bdt@lr.org

(Spain and Portugal)
T +34 956 255 229
E laura.cipolla@lr.org

United Arab Emirates
(the Middle East and Africa, Pakistan, Iran and Kazakhstan)
T +971 (0)4 701 4195
E training.dubai@lr.org

United Kingdom
T +44 (0)151 552 5214
E ukmarinetraining.liverpool@lr.org