Procurement of naval ships and equipment now involves adoption of more commercial practices and less use of traditional naval standards. Naval classification provides a structured audit process through design, construction and operation of naval vessels. The constraints of naval design and the absence of some commercial support processes bring different challenges that need to be understood if the benefits are to be fully realised.

Who should attend?

  • naval procurement staff

  • safety management specialists

  • prime contractor representatives

  • defence contractor business development personnel

  • design team managers

  • consultants

Key content

  • Background to the development of Rules for Naval Ships

  • Comparison of the use of naval and commercial standards

  • The role of naval authority within naval classification

  • Military aspects of Rules for Naval Ships

  • Software tools

  • Design processes

  • Introduction to Rules for structure, military, machinery, electrical, control and statutory aspects.

What will you learn?

By the end of this course you will have an understanding of:

  • the background to naval classification

  • the application of Lloyd's Register's Rules for Naval Ships

  • how Lloyd's Register's services can benefit those involved in naval procurement.

Previous experience

None required.