This one day workshop will provide an understanding of the principles of goal based safety that the Naval Ship Code is based upon.


The Naval Ship Code is a goal based safety assurance framework for naval ships, developed by a group of navies and classification societies and now published through NATO. It provides navies with a mechanism to demonstrate that they have implemented an effective safety management system that, whilst based on international conventions such as SOLAS, has recognised the very different operating philosophy that naval vessels adopt to deal with the portfolio of risks that they are exposed to.

Who will benefit

Attendance at this course will benefit:

  • naval procurement staff
  • safety management specialists
  • prime contractor representatives
  • defence contractor business 
  • development personnel
  • design team managers
  • consultants

It will encompass:

  • the background and context of the Naval Ship Code –the history of why navies wanted to have an alternative to SOLAS and how they set about developing the Naval Ship Code in conjunction with LR and other class societies.

  • the underlying philosophy of goals and solutions – the NSC is based around the concept of safety goals and the selection of suitable ‘solutions’ that are‘deemed to satisfy’ the issues identified by the goals

  • the role of the naval authority – a Naval Authority is the regulator who will sign off that the process has met their requirements, so has a central role in agreeing the overall process and standards applied to the project

  • structure and contents of the Naval Ship Code – the arrangement and details of the NSC and how to use the document

  • Application of the NSC has some new concepts and how they are developed and applied will be explained through a series of exercises,based around the following topics:

    • Concept of operations
    • Validation and verification
    • Certification matrix
    • Standards plan
    • Fire integrity methodologies for compartment boundaries
    • Certification
    • Naval Ship Safety Certificate

Lloyd’s Register has been one of the central organisations involved with the development of the Naval Ship Code since it was first conceived of by NATO and has extensive experience of applying the process to a variety of naval ships, both in the UK and overseas.

Delegates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.