In today’s dynamic yachting industry, where regulatory requirements seem to change on an almost daily basis, it is vital that sea-going and shore-based staff have up-to-date knowledge of the essential classification and statutory requirements.


Lloyd's Register has developed a range of specially developed courses for the yacht industry, to help owners, managers and charterers to have a better understanding of classification in the yacht industry. Our courses can be tailored to your requirements, covering Large Yacht Code (LY3) and Passenger Yacht Code (PYC). A sample of the courses include:

  • Classification and Statutory Surveys for Mega Yachts

  • Passenger Yacht New Construction

  • ILO MLC (2006)

  • Risk Management and Incident Investigation

  • Large Yacht Code (LY3) Classification and Statutory Requirements

  • Certification for PYC

  • ISM and the Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

  • ISM Internal Auditor
  • Fire and safety for passnger ships and yachts

If you would like more information on any of our courses or to discuss a tailored course, please contact us.