On Digital Workbench you can start, track and execute your Materials, Equipment and Components Certification (MEC) projects from start to finish. More specifically you can:

  • Upload, store and manage project documentation
  • Access live dashboards and status reports
  • Request inspections and track their progress
  • Store and download your certificates

How does it work?

  • Design Phase
  • Build Phase
  1. Email local office advising new project needed & product type
  2. Upload drawings to Digital Workbench
  3. Respond to comments & upload new versions
  4. Generate interim deliverables
  5. Download final deliverables
  1. Request inspection in Digital Workbench
  2. Upload drawings and supporting evidence
  3. Respond to comments
  4. Download certificates

Need help with using the platform?

Explore our free 'Guide for MEC Projects' e-learning resource for comprehensive guidance. The course enables you to choose specific topics of interest without the need to go through the entire content. It offers a thorough overview of common queries and is consistently updated to incorporate your valuable feedback.


Access the course online and study at your own pace, at a time and place to suit you.


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