Digital Workbench has been designed to support a better, more transparent process for clients and reduce deliverables turnaround times. It will allow you to:

  • Enter data just once and use it multiple times
  • Track projects status
  • View your LR project team
  • View plan turnaround time due date
  • Have a single overview of your deliverables and project status

How does it work?

  • Design Appraisal
  • Build Site Inspection
  1. Review project profile
  2. Review scope items
  3. Agree masterlist
  4. Upload plans/documents for approval
  5. Get plan approval status overview
  6. Respond to comments/upload revision
  7. Run a Design Status Report
  8. Download Final Design Deliverable
  1. Review project profile
  2. Review/update Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  3. Request inspection
  4. Get inspection status overview
  5. Respond to comments
  6. Download inspection report

The user interface is simple and intuitive. This helps us easily input the information and reduces our working time

Digital Workbench

What our clients say

We can check and confirm the status of inspection information in real time through Digital Workbench.

Digital Workbench

What our clients say

Need help with using the platform?

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