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At Lloyd's Register we think it is our duty to provide our customers with the best possible service. In order to set everything in motion, it is important that the main contact person of the entire certification process fills out the digital form below. On the basis of that data, we ensure that the data is forwarded to the right department.

Thank you very much for entering the details below. As soon as we receive the information we will immediately start the onboarding process for you as our new customer.


The Lloyd's Register Foundation.

Lloyd's Register is a non-profit organization that invests its profits in science, technology and development for a safer world. Profits are not distributed to shareholders, but they are used to make our society safer. Why do we do this? Safety has been the focus of our organization for over 250 years. Since the early days in 1760, when Edward Lloyd established the first shipping register for the official registration of safe ships, we have continued our commitment to safe working environments.



Training Management Systems

LR offers training courses to improve your skills and knowledge in the field of management systems.  You can be trained with us to set up, implement and maintain a management system in your organisation. This makes it possible to meet the requirements of a wide range of standards.

Questions? Please contact us.

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