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All Hazards software

How do I set a reasonable exclusion zone when we are bunkering LNG?

All Hazards can show you where the extent of the release under different wind conditions and show the true extent of the hazard.


The immediate response to accident scenarios is to impose an exclusion zone requiring evacuation and cessation of use. In some cases this may include important infrastructure and have an economic impact on a range of stakeholder. These exclusion zones maybe based on conservative, simplistic models of gas dispersion that do not account for terrain changes, natural and man-made barriers. All Hazards can provide detailed accurate information that incorporates all of these factors and present it in a form that stakeholders can use to make informed decisions about exclusion zones and operations that balance the needs of the stakeholder against the real risks of harm.

What we offer

Software that enables you to easily model your location using GIS databases and knowledge of the facility using analysis tools that produce physically accurate results that are presented showing how they impact the real facility with images and animations. Results will show the amounts and extent of a leak and how these change over time. These results are easily distributed in report form to better inform planners and first responders in planning their actions.

What are the benefits?

Provides results in a integrated and familiar form, minimizing the need for external consultants to interpret results or make subjective judgement call. Results can be produced very quickly, reducing delays to take appropriate action.

Why choose LR?

LR works closely with multiple agencies with a stake in ensuring safety to workers and the general public. We are focused on bringing higher quality information through effective modelling tools to clients.

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