Applicability: shipowners, ship operators, ship managers, ship masters and ship builders.

Lloyd’s Register’s electronic certificates (eCerts) capability is being rolled out for new and existing vessels across the fleet on a phased basis.
LR has been issuing eCerts for newly issued Panama Flag certificates and records since November 2019. Different Flag states will now start using LR eCerts as follows:

From late August 2020:
Singapore, Denmark and Netherlands, followed quickly by Marshall Islands

From September 2020 onwards:
Other Flags to be added and released in batches
While ships may carry both electronically signed and paper certificates, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has recognised the need for a set of standards regarding the use of electronic certificates.
LR will be issuing electronic certificates in accordance with the IMO Facilitation Committee (FAL) and its approved “Guidelines for the Use of Electronic Certificates” (IMO Circular FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2).
To find out more:
•             Watch our introduction video here
•             Visit the LR website which includes a link to the eCerts User Guide and FAQs
•             Visit our Verification Portal to authenticate the validity of LR eCerts
Should any additional information be required, please contact your local LR office or email