The technology group Wärtsilä has announced the Wärtsilä HY, a fully integrated hybrid power module combining engines, an energy storage system, and power electronics optimised to work together through a newly developed energy management system (EMS). It is the marine sector’s first hybrid power module of this type produced.

LR has issued an Approval in Principle (AIP) certificate for the Wärtsilä HY. The certificate is based on technical material and safety analyses, concerning normal operation of the system and a presentation of risk scenarios. In effect it means that the system design as examined can be expected to be granted full approval by classes for actual projects.
The Wärtsilä HY will provide a wide range of benefits through increased operational efficiency and flexibility, resulting in lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and improved vessel performance.

LR’s Nick Brown (left) presenting the AIP certification to Wärtsilä’s Giulio Tirelli at Nor-Shipping in Oslo.

LR’s Marine & Offshore Director, Nick Brown, commented: “LR is proud to issue an Approval in Principle certificate to the Wärtsilä HY hybrid power module. LR, like Wärtsilä, is committed to tackling the big challenges facing the industry, especially those environmental challenges related to carbon emissions. LR is focused on supporting the safe and effective introduction of new technologies offering the potential solutions, and hybrid technology is one of those. We have worked to support Wärtsilä in the realisation of this new product and are delighted to see it launched at Nor-Shipping.” 

“Wärtsilä’s unmatched product portfolio and broad range of in-house capabilities and expertise enables us to develop products such as the Wärtsilä HY, which combines technologies from different fields. This development opens the door to a new era of marine technology that would have been unimaginable until very recently. It endorses Wärtsilä’s leadership in front-end innovation providing unrivalled benefits to our customers and partners,” says Giulio Tirelli, Director, Marine Engineering, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions. 

The Wärtsilä HY will have dedicated versions for each category of vessels. While the first versions being made available will be designed for tugs and medium sized ferries. Wärtsilä also sees big potential in other types of vessels as well.

More information can be found on Wärtsilä’s website:

Wärtsilä HY