On 15 November 2018, LR became the first classification society to be assigned RO (Recognised Organisation) status by the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND).

LR is now authorised to survey Halifax Class vessels and undertake combatant certification activities in key hazard areas of the Naval Ship Code.

The DND assessed LR’s ability to execute certification duties on behalf of the Naval Materiel Regulatory Authority (NMRA) for Combatant Naval Vessels through a three-day verification audit. LR successfully demonstrated the requisite competencies and was awarded RO status by Captain (Navy) Jacques Olivier of the Naval Materiel Regulatory Authority, with authorisation to survey Halifax Class Frigates and the future Canadian Surface Combatants.

Captain (Navy) Jacques Olivier, Director Naval Platform Systems, Naval Materiel Regulatory Authority, said: “The granting of the RO status marks an important step in the journey towards enhanced Naval Materiel Assurance within the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Through the application of the classification process, Lloyd’s Register will contribute to the RCN’s collective ability to ensure that surface combatant vessels are fit for purpose, safe to operate, and environmentally compliant while preserving the primacy of RCN operations.”

LR’s President of Americas Marine & Offshore, John Hicks, commented: “This is a significant milestone in LR’s history of naval classification and showcases our wide range of classification and consultancy services to the DND for current and future generations of Naval Surface Combatant Vessels. We will help ensuring that all ships, now and in the future, are fit for purpose and safe to operate whilst also setting a benchmark against all internationally accepted naval safety best practices.”

Lloyd's Register team assigned RO (Recognised Organisation) status by the Canadian Department of National Defence.
LR officials sit with Canadian Department of National Defence in historic moment.