This document provides guidelines for the integration of an Air Lubrication System (ALS), either during new construction or in-service operation. These guidelines do not introduce any new Classification Rule requirements, they provide guidance on existing Classification Rules that would need to be considered when installing an ALS.

Sections include: 

  1.  Introduction
  2.  Engagement with Lloyd’s Register
  3.  Glossary
  4.  Preliminary: approval
  5.  Ship structures: approval
  6.  Piping and machinery: approval
  7.  Electrical and control: approval
  8.  Integration: survey and certification
  9.  In-service survey
  10.  Supporting activities
  11.  Notes on statutory compliance
  12.  Statutory general: survey and approval
  13.  Statutory integration: survey and approval
  14.  Statutory in service: survey