Chemoil Middle East DMCC is proud to announce that their time-chartered and owned barges in Fujairah are fitted with E&H mass flow meter (MFM) systems that have passed their acceptance test to TR48. 

Chemoil is committed to meeting industry best practice and  worked closely with Lloyd's Register (LR), together with the National Metrology Centre (NMC) of Singapore, A*STAR and bunker consultancy Metcore International, to certify the barge systems to Singapore MPA’s TR48 standard.

"Lloyd’s Register is proud to assist Chemoil in its drive to continuously improve the accuracy of its measurement techniques," said Douglas Raitt, Lloyd’s Register’s Marine regional consultancy manager. He continued, "The implementation of this advanced and accredited metering technology sets a new standard for the marine fuels measurement process accessed by Chemoil and its clients in the Middle East, providing tangible financial and resource savings."

TR48 is the only mass flow meter certification to provide the systematic processes and rigorous approach to the complete fuel oil system that gives Chemoil and its customers, the peace of mind to use mass flow meters for custody transfer measurements.

The barges, MT Marine Ista, MT Heredia Sea and MT Lorenzo Sea have a total capacity of 19,500mts IFO & 2,200mts MGO 0.1 covering deliveries in both Fujairah and Khorfakkan.

Henry Lancaster, Trading Manager Chemoil DMCC, commented: "Chemoil is committed to providing transparent bunker supplies and the adoption of MFM systems will take Fujairah supplies to a new level of efficiency. Faster turnarounds and the elimination of quantity disputes will offer major value and benefits to our clients."