LR awards type approval to NanoVapor™ for its innovative vapor suppression system, a new gas freeing technology.

NanoVapor™ has received type approval from LR for its patented portable vapor suppression system, the ST-1000, supporting the industry’s approach to the safe management of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). When used with its proprietary liquid nano-suppressant, the ST-1000 can gas free a tank up to 90% faster, even if residual fuel or sludge is present.

Current tank inserting methods, such as nitrogen, work by removing oxygen from the tank environment to prevent vapor combustion, which could lead to worker asphyxiation. NanoVapor’s suppression technology inserts by directly suppressing the flammable vapours without removing any oxygen, making confined space entry safer at the same time.

LR’s independent approach to product verification provides the industry with the confidence and assurance it needs – but with an easy-to-use online service, it is a more convenient and faster road to the valued LR type approval mark. This approval relied on LR’s technical expertise and capability in order to provide dedicated support throughout the type approval process of an independent design review, sample testing and verification of production controls. The next phase of this process is for LR to undertake live testing of the system aboard a vessel in drydock to demonstrate the time advantage and how easy the system can be operated when it comes to the inspection of fuel tanks.

NanoVapor’s systems can rapidly suppress the formation of harmful VOCs, thereby reducing risks of vapor combustion and/or workplace accidents. This can provide measurable safety, health and economic benefits for businesses involved in the production, transportation, or storage of refined petrochemical products.

Russell Chew, Chairman and CEO of NanoVapor, said: “Like LR, NanoVapor is focused on a safer and more sustainable world. LR’s type approval was a critically important step for NanoVapor, and we are thrilled to make our revolutionary high-speed gas freeing system available to maritime companies. As a proven safer and greener technology in the aviation and energy sectors, we look forward to supporting the maritime industry with its safety, decarbonization, and sustainability goals.”

Graeme Hyde, LR’s type approval manager, said: “This approval with NanoVapor continues our commitment to approve new technology which provides environmental ways of improving safety while saving valuable time during gas freeing of fuel and cargo tanks. This cutting-edge NanoVapor technology allows the Marine and Offshore business to reduce down time and maximise their assets operations.”

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