We produce documents for the various International Maritime Organization (IMO) Committee and Sub-Committee meetings, these include, Agenda Previews, Summary Reports and Future IMO Legislation documents.

The agenda previews are prepared prior to meetings and provide an overview of the meeting, its agenda, provisional timetable and any documents produced by the IMO for this particular meeting. The reports provide a summary of discussions and conclusions reached during meetings. And they include our assessment on the impact of the decisions made at IMO Committee / Sub-Committee meetings.

Future IMO & ILO Legislation 

Spring 2024 edition of Future IMO and ILO Legislation

View an overview of upcoming changes to mandatory statutory regulations and instruments

Read Future IMO and ILO Legislation

2024 Summary Reports


The IMO's Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue Sub-Committee is where all matters related to navigation and communication, search and rescue and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System are discussed​​​​.

Read LR IMO NCSR 11 Summary Report

IMO MSC 108 

The IMO's Maritime Safety Committee is where maritime safety and security matters are discussed.

Read LR IMO MSC 108 Summary Report


The IMO Facilitation Committee (FAL) discusses facilitation of international maritime traffic, including the arrival, stay and departure of ships, persons and cargo from ports.

Read LR IMO FAL 48 Summary Report


The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) is where the reduction of shipping’s impact on the marine environment is discussed. MEPC oversees the work of several sub-committees and influences subjects which cut-across the work of several committees, covering many key regulations.

Read LR IMO MEPC 81 Summary Report


The IMO Ship Systems and Equipment Sub-Committee (SSE) discusses the technical and operational requirements for systems and safety equipment on ships. SSE reports to the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). 

Read LR IMO SSE 10 Summary Report


The IMO Pollution Prevention and Response Sub-Committee is where discussions on prevention of pollution in the marine environment take place prior to agreement by the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC). 

Read LR IMO PPR 11 Summary Report


The IMO Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping Sub-Committee (HTW 10) is where the human aspects of shipping are discussed. HTW reports to the Maritime Safety Committee. 

Read LR IMO HTW 10 Summary Report


The IMO Ship Design and Construction Sub-Committee (SDC) is where many technical and operational requirements related to ship design and construction (including tonnage, load line and stability) are discussed. SDC reports to the Maritime Safety Committee. 

Read LR IMO SDC 10 Summary Report

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